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“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” / Artwork & accessories by Eszter Anna Vörös

Mini framed art print in an ornate frame / Mini keretezett művészi nyomat, díszes keretben

Mini framed art print in an ornate frame / Mini keretezett művészi nyomat, díszes keretben

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A mini, 10x15 cm art print of my work, in a wide wooden frame.  It will be a fun addition to your interior, especially if you like a bit of magic, and are into whimsical art on the darker side. 

Comes with a card signed especially for the recipient.
Please, if you want me to write something personal, message me!


Egy 10x15 cm keretezett fotónyomat a festményemről. Hátoldalon logóval pecsételve, dedikálva (képcím, ahol van, évszám, aláírásom). A fotónyomatot is én magam készítem a festményeimről, a kereteket is én szerzem be. 
A hátlapon akasztó és támasztó is található.

Mellékelt kártyára szívesen írok névre szóló dedikálást is, kérem, akinek egyedi igénye van, írjon nekem üzenetben!

About me:

I am Eszter Anna Vörös, a painter and crafter from Hungary, I have been creating since 2014. I started with soft pastels and fine liners, but soon I have discovered acrylic paint, which remains my favorite to this day. I paint on canvas, wood, or even denim. I started to publish my works on social media under the motto "Everything You Can Imagine Is Real" (EYCIIR for short), originally a quote by famous painter Pablo Picasso.
I have always been into the fantasy genre, and I am quite a spiritual person, this is combines well with my love for the outdoors, nature, trees and animals, even mythical creatures. Besides original works, I also craft other items such as pendants, keychains, accessories, stickers etc. with my paintings. I also sell prints of my originals. 

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