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“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” / Artwork & accessories by Eszter Anna Vörös

Original acrylic painting on canvas (framed) / Eredeti akril festmény vásznon, kerettel

Original acrylic painting on canvas (framed) / Eredeti akril festmény vásznon, kerettel

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A one-of-a-kind, original acrylic painting.
Painted on a 30x40 cm rectangular canvas panel.
This little skeleton stag and these fungi will be a fun addition to your interior, especially if you like a bit of magic, and are into whimsical art on the darker side.

Size is 30x40 cm. Comes in its matching frame. (Frame included in price)

Comes with a certificate and a card signed especially for the recipient.
Please, if you want me to write something personal, message me!


Egy téglalap alakú, 30x40 cm méretű eredeti akril festmény, saját ötlet alapján. Kasírozott vásznon, színben illő fakerettel együtt. 

Keret nélkül, igény szerint akasztóval adom. Dedikálni mellékelt kártyára tudok.

About me:

I am Eszter Anna Vörös, a painter and crafter from Hungary, I have been creating since 2014. I started with soft pastels and fine liners, but soon I have discovered acrylic paint, which remains my favorite to this day. I paint on canvas, wood, or even denim. I started to publish my works on social media under the motto "Everything You Can Imagine Is Real" (EYCIIR for short), originally a quote by famous painter Pablo Picasso.
I have always been into the fantasy genre, and I am quite a spiritual person, this is combines well with my love for the outdoors, nature, trees and animals, even mythical creatures. Besides original works, I also craft other items such as pendants, keychains, accessories, stickers etc. with my paintings. I also sell prints of my originals. 

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